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Customer Specific Category/Favorite's list?

Customer Specific Category/Favorite's list?

I'm looking for an extension that will allow me to create categories/lists of products for customers that regularly buy the same items.  Multiple Wishlist extensions are not providing the proper functionality.



A customer will have a list or specific category that only they can see which will include 20-40 products.  From that list they can then pick which ones they want to order and how many of each to add to the cart.  After adding to the cart, the products remain in the list for the next time they order.  


I have tried a few multiple wishlist extensions, but they either do not keep the product in the list after adding, or they do not allow changing the quantity when adding to cart.  


A Restrict category by customer/customer group extension will probably work, but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there.  Plus recommendations for category restrict extensions from a reputable developer would be very helpful.