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Customer email subscription

Customer email subscription



What are the magento module for email subscription? 








Re: Customer email subscription

Hi @Sierra_Sierra,


Magento will allow you to capture subscribers through the Magento_Newsletter module but there are more powerfull services thar probably you will want to probe.

Maybe you will need to find the right Email/Newsletter/Campaigns service first and then check if that service has the Magento module ready (most of them have integration with Magento).

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Re: Customer email subscription

Hi @Sierra_Sierra

You can have a look at our very interactive way of getting the emails from the customers. The Spin and Win provides with the following features:

  • Display and Hide option
  • Easy front-end customization
  • Email Repetition Check
  • Display Frequency
  • Look and Feel Setting
  • Slice Setting
  • Email Integrator
  • Email Templates
  • Statistical report

For the live demo of the extension, you can watch a video for better understanding:

There are other many features which are beneficial for both the admin and the customers.




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Re: Customer email subscription

Hey @Sierra_Sierra,


Subscribe At Checkout is the tool to get more emails for newsletter campaigns. This extension adds a "Subscription" checkbox to the checkout page, so guest customers can sign up for your store's newsletters.

It also works with MailChimp extension.

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