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Customizable stock status

Customizable stock status


I work for a norwegian magento-based online store. For economical reasons 60-70 % of our products are not on stock near our office, but instead 1-2 days away on remote stock locations. As the store is setup today, the stock status naturally shows "0" on all items that we don't have at our "home base". This is somewhat of a crisis as many customers will avoid purchasing even if the item can and will be sent on relatively short notice.  

So my question is: Are there any extensions currently available that allow the stock status to be customized? What we want, basically, is an extension allowing customized statuses/text as soon as the product quantity reaches zero. In other words, we would like the stock to show (for example) "on remote stock" instead of "zero/not in stock". (see illustration below)Status_1.jpg


Oh, and we're on Magento ver. =)

Thanks in advance!

Joakim @ KikkertSpesialisten AS



Re: Customizable stock status

Here is the extension you need - Custom Stock Status by Aheadworks.

It allows you to differentiate notifications according to product stock levels. And, instead of standard 'out of stock' statuses you can add any image and text notes automatically.


Custom Stock Status product page -


Re: Customizable stock status

Hello @Zuddybear


You can also check out this module -

It will allow you to show relevant stock statuses on product pages, category pages and in the shopping cart.

With this module you will be able to show text statuses as well use variables for dynamic statuses, e.g. {tomorrow}, {day-after-tomorrow}, etc. Please see the screenshots and try demo on the product page.

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Re: Customizable stock status

Hi @ Zuddybear

I suggest you checking out the Countdown Anywhere extension for Magento –

The extension allows to show a custom message in case of low inventory. For instance, if only 5 products left, there is ability to show a custom message with the combination of Backorder, so your customers can buy the product, even if the quality is below 0.


Best Regards,



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