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Dealer application and account creation

Dealer application and account creation

I have purchased abotu 6 different extensions and can't get this simple process to work...


Basically I want :

  1. Potential dealer to visit a page on my site, fill out application. (using web-forms)
  2. Admin gets an email notification. Review application and click to approve or deny the application. 
  3. Creates an account for the user in the customer group, dealer.
  4. Sends a custom "Welcome" email to the dealer with their user name and password and other instructions (Not the generic registration email)

I also don't mind if it just creates a general user account and then I have to go into the admin section to change the customer group but I still need it to send the custom email after I make that change.


Any ideas ?


Re: Dealer application and account creation

Hello @mousepad,

You can check out the following module that will help to solve your last three issues –

It allows to approve your customers’ registration manually from the Backend as well as send notifications to admin and customers about the accounts’ statuses. All email templates can be customized.

Best Regards,



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