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Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

Looking for a delivery date extension which provides date options, via calendar, but is dependant on which delivery zone the parcel is going to.For each zone we want to be able to specify dates that are available - i.e. some zones will allow for next day, some will be 2 day at the earliest, etc. Most of the delivery day extensions I have found are not delivery zone dependant they are a single setting across the site.


Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

Your question is not clear. You need to give more information about deliveryzone. how the magento system will have deliveryzone information about visitor? in what way you want to feed deliveryzone information into magento?

Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

You can try this Delivery Date Extension.

The extension allows your customers to choose delivery date, delivery time and write comments while they are choosing a shipping method.

Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone


I recommend youBSS Order Delivery Date extension which could meet your requirement

The extension helps:

  • Insert Delivery information in variable tabs
  • Insert order delivery into confirmation email sent to customers
  • Add delivery date information into new order created from backend
  • Include order delivery date in pdf files of invoice, shipment and credit memo
  • Directly send shipping date and customer’s message to customers
  • Support Delivery “Time slots” for customers
  • Set-up holidays/Disable dates/Blackout Dates on calendar
  • Display on the frontend: at “Shipping Method” step or at “Review Page” step
  • Support processing time, cut off time, time slots, excluded dates

Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

The following link would be useful-:


Hope it helps.

Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

NO MORE TIME WASTED staying at home to wait for deliverers since now customers can select a convenient time to receive their orders with the support of Magento 2 Delivery Dates and Time Extension.

Download at:


  •  Enable clients to select shipping methods and their convenient delivery time and date
  • Control what delivery information will be shown in the front-end area
  • Support buyers to leave more specific delivery comments

  • Select day(s) off which disables delivery
  • Configure minimum and maximum delivery intervals


  • enabling customers to choose available shipping time and date for their orders
  • specifying a delivery schedule
  • excluding any particular days or hours for unavailable delivery
  • attaching delivery information to emails and printing order-related documents.

Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone



I would suggest you use Magento 2 estimate delivery date extension.

Here delivery date is given the facility to select the delivery date and time of their choice with the help of Delivery Date Scheduler. 


There are many features like: 

  • Allow customers to choose delivery date and time
  • Set intervals between order and delivery dates
  • Display Scheduler on the Product Page and at Checkout
  • Same day delivery with custom charges & cut-off time
  • Custom Delivery Option for Magento Customer Groups
  • Choose Date & Time format  
  • Keep a track of Delivery Orders
  • Display Delivery Date & Time with an additional charge 





Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone



I would like to suggest you to use the Magento 2 delivery date and time extension for attaining your goal.please refer the above link.


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Re: Delivery date extension linked to delivery zone

Hi there,

Actually, I had the same situation with you a few months ago. I searched for a lot of extensions but they didn’t seem to work well.

However, recently my dev lead had suggested I try this Delivery Date extension. He said it’s well built and fulfil all our requirement.

I think you should give it a try, their service is okay as well.

Hope you can fix your problem soon.