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Delivery matrix - online grocery

Delivery matrix - online grocery

We are an online grocery operating with our own fleet of delivery trucks. We deliver to both private households and businesses. Upon filling their basked, the customers specify the day, and the 2-hour delivery window in which they shall recieve their order.


However, an important capacity constraint in our business is the number of delivery trucks we have available. While we to three different cities (each a delivery zone), we only have three trucks. Each truck can only cover one city per 2-hour delivery window. If many customers in one city choose the same delivery slot, we risk filling up capacity, and not being able to deliver on the orders.


When the customer chooses his preferred delivery window, his or her zip code is already registered, so the available delivery windows that are displayed could be based on a pre-configured capacity constraint.


Based on this issue we are looking for an extension to Magento 2, which lets us specify/input available slots, for each of the three different delivery zones.


We would very much appreciate all suggestions, to solutions to this issue.


Re: Delivery matrix - online grocery

Based on your requirement, one such extension that comes to mind is the Magento 2 Delivery date scheduler by Appjetly. Here is the link for it:


This extension allows you to setup delivery time slots and even enable or disable these slots whenever required. The best part about it is that you can also enable email alerts in it so whenever an order is placed, you can take a look at the slot of delivery they're asking for and make your entries accordingly. It also aids you in determining the slot to disable once it has reached maximum capacity.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Delivery matrix - online grocery

Thanks Matrid. This plug-in seem to have some of the features we are looking for, albeit it differs in that that it doesnt aim to handle capacity constraints in distribution per se.