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Different types of cargo in magento

Different types of cargo in magento

I've searched a long time for a module for magento without success. So now I hope for a little help of one / some clever brains. :-)
I seek a module, so you can choose between single, package / parcel and pallet on the individual items.

Single: normal freight rate. (On weigth)

Package / Colli: 1 package costs for example 39.00 to 3 packages costing 3x 39.00 (instead of 3 x weight)

Pallets: for items that are too fragile or weigh too much to send as a package.

Hope someone can help me..

Best regards


Re: Different types of cargo in magento

Here's a list of extensions that might have the functionality that you're looking for - some right from the bat, others might require some custom work: 

Kabel Bundle

Wholesale Packaged

Box Calculator

Bundle Product


Good luck!

Re: Different types of cargo in magento

Hello Zyborg, 


Perhaps our Product Units and Quantities extension could help; it's available on Magento Connect.

The module allows you to define batches your products are sold in:

- individual pieces

- by kilo/pound, etc.

- by box

- by dozen,  etc.

Please, let us know if you have questions about this extension.



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Re: Different types of cargo in magento

Hello @zyborg

You can try this extension - Shipping Table Rates

It will help you create any number of shipping methods: multiple flat rates, multiple table rates, etc. Combinations of address, weight, price and quantity can be used to calculate shipping. So this mod seems to perfectly match your needs.




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