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Dynamic Catalog

Dynamic Catalog



I'm entirely new to Magento.


I have a client that has special but relatively simple to explain need.


This applies to all products in a given collection.


All products in this collection exist in a generic (so to speak) catalog.


We need consumers to only view those products that they already ordered in the past, period.


Generic catalog contains over 50000 SKU. Any given client is only concerned to 500 of them, i.e. only those that were already purchased in the past.


My questions:

- Are there any extensions that exist which accomplish this?

- If not, I am assuming that we need to get an extension designed for this?


Thank you very much



Re: Dynamic Catalog

For those answering this post, note that there's a duplicate thread here:

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Re: Dynamic Catalog

Try Magento 2 restrict products by customer group extension. It allows you to create multiple customer groups and custom rules to define the accessibility of each customer or customer group. This way you can hide or show specific products, categories, CMS pages etc. to specific customer groups.