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Email template extension

Email template extension

hey there looking for magento 2 email template extension.


could anyone recommend one. basically needed to aesthetics only 


Re: Email template extension

Hello @mantas_bernatav


Can you specify your requirements what exactly you are looking as Magento itself have that marketing tool for email templates.

Here you can refer official document

Manish Mittal

Re: Email template extension

I haven't spent much time with any of these, but this seems to be one of the best:


There are alternatives, like:


Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of reviews to go by, but the WeltPixel extension is included with their Pearl theme which I've heard good things about:


Best of luck!

Re: Email template extension

Check out some solutions that will meet all of your requirements
Advanced Form for Magento 2
Advanced Newsletter for Magento 2

Re: Email template extension

Please check this module It allows to easily change email templates.

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