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Engage and keep customers' interest

Engage and keep customers' interest

I would like to find a Magento 2 extension that can trigger and maintain customers' interest in my products and my site. It's also a kind of marketing tool to convert sales. Is there anyone knows? Please suggest me, thanks.


Re: Engage and keep customers' interest


For your requirement, I think of Magento 2 Follow Up Email. This extension lets you send numerous emails based on customer's activities, order status to keep their interest. It also uses email marketing to increase conversion rate and drive more sales. Hope it works!

Re: Engage and keep customers' interest

Different extensions can serve your purpose. For example, Magento 2 product attachments will enrich your product pages. You can upload PDF, PPT, Docs, links and other supporting materials to product pages which engages customers and helps them get complete product knowledge. Similarly, you can use Magento 2 gallery extension which allows you to show attractive photo galleries on your product and category pages. You can also create a dedicated photo gallery page. 

Re: Engage and keep customers' interest

Hi @Pigpig,


How about push notifications? They can be a handy tool to boost customer engagement. Take a look at your options, the market offers a bunch of modules to create pushes.

Maybe this will give you an idea of some fruitful campaigns.

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Re: Engage and keep customers' interest


The following extensions will help you attract more customers:


The Daily Deals extension for Magento 2 highlights special offers by enabling the countdown timer on product pages and catalog pages.

The Special Price Countdown extension for Magento 2 adds the special price end and start countdown to your product and category pages automatically.

The Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento 2 combines different types of products into fixed packages and allows to apply a bundle discount. All promosets can be shown on the product pages, the Home page, CMS pages, static blocks and the shopping cart.


Hope it will be of help!

Re: Engage and keep customers' interest



Here're the marketing extensions that could help you to make more engagement with your customers and drow more attention to your products:


FACEBOOK LIKE DISCOUNT (Get your customers advertise your store on their Facebook profiles and give them the discount as a reward)

PROMOTION MESSAGE (Let customers know about pleasant promotions by displaying promotion messages on the products page, shopping cart etc.)

SMART RELATED PRODUCTS (smart condition to show only useful and relevant products for your visitors. That would help customers to discover new products.)

GOOGLE TAG MANAGER ( Must Have for every marketing activity)

FACEBOOK PIXEL INTEGRATION (another Must Have extension)


Also, keep your eyes on any email related extensions, you may need it as well to keep your customers in the loop.


Hope that helps!