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Enhanced CMS functionality

Enhanced CMS functionality

First of all, nice to see the new forum, it has been needed for a long time Smiley Happy 


Ive been involved in alot of E-commerce projects over the last few years - mostly based on Magento, but now and then I run into webshops that needs alot better CMS handling than Magento offers out of the box. 


Do any of you know any modules that extend Magentos CMS functionality? Some of the features Im looking for is:


- Creating menu structures in CMS pages

- Better editor handling(Maybe something similar as Visual website Composer for Wordpress in minor scale)

- Timing/date control of when CMS pages should be active

- Staging of content like we see in Magento EE 


I looked through alot of extension but none seems to really enhance the CMS part of Magento, and it doesnt seem Magento 2 have worked much on this part either. 


So I hope some of you have good ideas to extensions that live up to some of the points, which we maybe could develop further on.


Best Regards



Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

We are currently developing FlexCms, a free module, available at It extends the category features so you can create different content types within categories. Staging is planned as well, as well as date control. I have attached screenshots which show the current functionality:


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Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

Kalen Jordan, a developer within the community, has published a CMS system in beta on GitHub here:


It has pretty good built-in CMS controls.


If you're not opposed to external system solutions, we've been pretty happy with using the FishPig WordPress extension to tie WP into Magento. Granted, using WordPress doesn't put the CMS management IN Magento but it does give you all of WP's powerful content management features out of the box. FishPig does a good job of making the frontend experience different so that your customers won't know the difference.

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Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

Wauw FlexCMS is really looking good - That is exactly what Ive been looking for.


Do you have a timeframe on when different things will be done, and will  there be a paid version? - So we can keep you motivated and keep developing this extension Smiley Happy 


I like the idea of extending the categories instead of Magentos CMS pages, it also gives a great bennefit in its easier to show products next to the CMS content.

Only thing Im wondering is how you keep categories seperated from CMS menus. Lets say  you want product-categories as a horisontal menu, but the CMS-categories you want shown in the footer.Would you then create a seperate Root category for the CMS-categories? 


I will ask our developers to install the extension in a testbase so I can play around with it. 

Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

Thanks for the reply  Robtull. 

In some cases we have been using the FishPig Wordpress integration, its strong when it comes to sites whith heavy CMS/Blog functionality, but its also heavy on the maintenance account. Its now two complete systems you need to hold updated etc. so for clients that is only looking for extended CMS functionality the wordpress integration is a bit too much. 

But both the Cleam-CMS and the FlexCMS is looking pretty good.

Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

In order to show CMS pages into navigation menu. find solutiion from this post. CMS Pages into Navigation menu. Also possible to set timeframe, parent-child relation up to one level.


Cheers Smiley Happy

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Re: Enhanced CMS functionality

Hi Martin!


There is an option to try the CMS Display Rules extension for Magento that extends the functionality of CMS pages or static blocks.

It's possible to

  • Make CMS pages visible for selected customer groups
  • Set redirect for other customers when they open the page
  • Static blocks visible for selected customer groups
  • Set substituting block for the rest of the customers
  • Visibility limitation for a set period or all the time

Regards, Alex