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Enhanced Contact Us Module

Enhanced Contact Us Module

Hi, looking for an enhanced contact module with the following:


Support for Google recaptcha

Auto reply confirmation to customer


Many thanks in advance.


Re: Enhanced Contact Us Module

There are number of extension available for the same. Try below one.

Cheers Smiley Happy

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Re: Enhanced Contact Us Module

Are you looking for a free or a paid solutions? 

If you're taking the free route, then you'll probably need a couple of extensions. One of recaptcha, the other one - for the auto reply.  You can have install one for recaptcha and simply modify the email server settings for auto replies. 

If you want all-in-one solution, then you need to look for 'web form' extensions, like this one.

Good luck!

Re: Enhanced Contact Us Module

Hi, seen that. Looking for something that also sends an automatic confirmation reply to the sender.



Re: Enhanced Contact Us Module

Hello @GTLTD!


If you need the extension to create an enhanced contact form, I can suggest you trying the Magento Form Builder module -

The extension provides three variants of Captcha code. You select one of them and add it to your contact form.

You are able to create separate email templates for auto reply confirmation.


Hope this helps!



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