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Extension For booking delivery times

Extension For booking delivery times



I am having trouble finding an extension that allows me to schedule the dropping off, and picking up of equipment rentals. My company rents out various items by the day, and I am seeking an extension that allows a customer to schedule a rental drop-off and pick-up time so our drivers can deliver and retrieve the items based on these times. Currently I have these as options in the custom fields, but I would like the times to be based on my drivers' availability. 


For example, if a customer requests 9am and 5pm for the drop off and pick-up times, the next customer cannot select those times because a driver can only be in 1 place at a time. So the next available times would be 9:10am and 5:10pm for the purpose of this example. The extensions that I have come across only allow for 1 delivery time, or they will reserve the time slot from 9 alll the way to 5 thus making my driver unavailable for 8 hours. 


If any one knows of a solution that may help, I am all ears, because the way I am operating now is a recipe for disaster. 


Thanks for your time.


Re: Extension For booking delivery times


Take a look at our Delivery Date and Notice extension, which allows you to determine delivery time ranges and has other valuable features for you and your customers.

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Hi @Sunova, you can take a look at this Magento Delivery Date Extension. It allows your customers to choose delivery date and time on the checkout page of store.

Delivery Date Main Features

  • Specify the days that are available for delivery
  • Specify the time that is available for delivery
  • Users can’t select previous dates
  • Customers can choose available hours or custom time
  • Write messages for delivery service owners
  • Display date and time in the order review
  • Customers can choose hours for delivery service and pay fee for it.

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Hi @Sunova

You can also check out this extension

  • Let customers set preferable delivery dates and time during checkout
  • Enable next-day or the same day delivery
  • You can set 1-2-3-hour delivery slots
  • and more

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Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Thank you everyone for your responses. I have looked at each extension and it appears that my needs are a little too complex for what these extensions offer, so I will either have to make a sacrifice with my expectations, or have some customization done. 


Would I would need is:

-For customers to select (2) delivery dates AND times per order. (Most of these extensions only allow for 1 per order)


- For the selected times to become unavailable once a customer chooses it so that I'm not double booked for a certain time.


- For the delivery times to be in 10 minute increments. For example, if i started deliveries at 8:00am, the next timeslot would be 8:10am then 8:20am and so on.


- The ability to have more than 1 driver. I will eventually have more than 1 driver, so the time slot availability will need to be based on the schedule of all drivers, and not just 1.     For example, if I have 2drivers on the rode and 2 customers select 8:00am for a delivery time. The system should allow both of those deliveries to be accepted since there's 2 drivers. But if a 3rd customer wanted a delivery for 8:00am, it would not be available because both drivers are booked for that particular time. The number of drivers will vary each day so the system should allow you to choose how many drivers are on the road, and it will base the time slot availability on that.


-The back office should allow for drivers to be able to see the deliveries they each need to fulfill.


-Since customers will have (2) delivery dates/times per order, if the delivery times are both on the same day, then they will need to both be done by the same driver. 

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Check Booking System Pro, look amazing with cheap price

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

I have the same request.

Customer can choose a delivery time slot.

This extension, for each time slot, has a maximum number of order that can be placed.

Maximum number of order depends on how many drivers we have, and it will vary each time slot.


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Re: Extension For booking delivery times

After a long search, this extension may be right for me:

other suggestions are always welcome.

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Re: Extension For booking delivery times

@Dariodor I have developed extension for @Sunova so in case of same needs you can contact me.


P.S - PM me for quick reply. 

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