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Extension to view incomplete orders

Extension to view incomplete orders

We need an extension to view incomplete orders, for instance where the customer put in their email address (minimum) but then did not complete the checkout process.


Most of the "abandoned cart" extensions I have seen focus on just automating an email follow-up, but we would like to be able to view the abandoned order details so we can a) learn what people are abandoning and b) contact the customer to ask if we can help them to complete their order.


Does anyone have any extensions they can recommend?





Re: Extension to view incomplete orders



There is Store Manager for Magento extension. It has Abandoned Carts section where you can on one and the same page  view registered customers who haven't proceed to checkout, the goods they added to the cart and other product that were purchased by selected customers -


You can filter these data by period and by products.


You can download 2-week fully-functional trial and see how it works. Use the link in my signature.

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Extension to view incomplete orders

Hi @Chris_ISN


There is a solution to everything here, and in the line of e-commerce, one has to hit and try every thing to make things work. But in the case of Abandoned Cart issue, one can have automated system of Abandoned Cart, which sends the email to the user regarding the incomplete order.abandoned-cart-250x250.png




The Abandoned Cart helps the store owner to keep a track of all those customers who have not completed the order and helps the customer to contact them again to complete their order. With the help of this module, you can reduce the abandon cart rate. Store owners can now send notification emails to their customer’s account mentioning about their pending orders. Further, these auto-generated emails can be customized and appropriate discount coupons can be added in order to persuade customers for completing their pending orders.



1. Easy yet Flexible Incentives Setup
The store owner can send the discount coupons to allure the customers. This system allows the store owner to customize the discount codes to give a reason to the customers to complete the order.

2. Design Your Own Email Templates
The store owner is provided the option to design the email template to send the customers. Different email templates allows the store owner to attract the user to shop.

3. One-click recovery for customers
With one click, the customer can resume the shopping from where he left, i.e., the customer will see his cart added with those products which he added before.

4. Reduces the task for Admin
The admin has the very little task to complete, he has to select the desired options and the email will be sent to the customers automatically.

5. Track the number of recovered abandoned carts
No work should go waste. One can track the converted abandoned cart rate, so that the changes can be made to the email according to the changes.




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