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Re: Extension

We have developed a series of extensions for eCommerce businesses. You can find all of our extensions here:


If you have any query, you can contact us at In case you need any further enhancement in any of the extension or you have any specific requirement as per your business then contact us with the details. 

Re: Extension

Hello, @MohamedGahly1 

Despite the whole range of companies you have been recommended with, I would also like t contribute since the company I want to recommend should be mentioned. Magefan is a relatively young but high-speed developing company. There are not so many extensions to choose from if compared to other companies. However, they are the basis for every young developing E-Commerce store. 
I sincerely recommend this development team for the quality work.


Re: Extension


Good Morning.


The site performance matters most as no one would like to buy from a website that is slow to load as the users don’t like to wait a minute in Today’s busy world. But if your website is loading fast within a short period, Google will notice and rank you higher than your competitors, which results in generating more leads and better user engagement with positive user experience.


We would recommend you to do Magento 2 Speed Optimization for your store to perform better and positive user experience so that you may not lose your potential customers and increase business efficiency. If you are looking to improve your site performance, better user engagement and want to be at the top of Google search rating, please check out our Magento 2 website optimization or feel free to reach out to us.

Re: Extension

For users who have similar request, we can recommend using Store Manager for Magento for website management.


What benefits does the store owner receive? They are the following:


- Category Management (create, edit, delete, copy&paste categories in one click; sort categories by order; use drag&drop to reorder category tree; import/export categories with products)

- Product Management (create, edit, copy, clone and delete products; manage different types of products (simple, configurable, bundle, downloadable, grouped, virtual); convert grouped and simple products with custom options into configurable ones; change attribute set, product type, rebuild product index for the existing products in one click; assign multiple categories to product(s); use advanced product search for the fastest products’ editing; create custom filter based on search results to manage products in the most convenient way; generate related, up-sell and cross-sell products automatically with Related Product Generator tool; keep your product images under control with different types of Store Diagnostics).

- Multi Editor tools (update multiple product details - prices, discounts, descriptions for selected products at lightning speed; modify inventory: quantity, status, stock availability etc. in few clicks; update order details in bulk using Order Multi Editors; manage price strategies with Tier Price Multi Editor)

- Multi Store Logic Supported (manage multiple stores and store views; administer and connect to different databases)

- Downright Customer&Order Management (operate single customers and groups; manage all customer data in one place: orders, wishlists, reviews, etc.; preview orders and order details; conveniently filter customers and orders by week, month, etc.; manage POS system to create order, calculate cash and change, print invoice and finish orders; use barcode scanner for brick-and-mortar store for convenient product search (by product name, SKU) and for completing orders, print receipts using thermal printer)

- Import/Export Tool (perform data upload from different sources -HTTP URL to file, FTP URL to file or local one; import products from different file formats - CSV, XML, XLS/XLSX, ODS, TXT; import/export categories, attribute sets, orders and customers into/from a CSV file; import and export products with relations; use special Import/Export Wizard tips for accurate data transfer; save export/import configuration settings to automate next similar tasks)

- Reports (take advantage of reports on sales, inventory and customer data)

- Employee Management (sdd and manage your employee profiles with no extra operations with Access Management functionality, provide your employees with permissions to operate separate sections of your store)

- Advanced Features (perform partial backup and restore operations to keep your database safe; edit pure database with Raw table editor (for advanced users)

- Built-in Addons:

  • Automated Product Export for creating scheduled Magento CSV data feeds
  • Automated Product Import addon - automates product import from external sources, synchronizes your database updates with your wholesale partner’s ones
  • eBay Integration addon allows to export products from your Magento store to eBay, perform synchronization and import orders from eBay in a quick manner
  • Integrate your store with QuickBooks software to export and import your products, export customers and orders via Quickbooks Desktop and Online Integration addons
  • Export and synchronize your Magento products with one of the biggest world’s marketplaces with Amazon Integration, manage order details
  • Synchronize your product descriptions and images with ICEcat worldwide open catalogue with ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration addon
  • Use Shipping Integration addon to handle your shipping much better and faster: print postal shipping labels with postage, return address, verified delivery address and service barcodes directly from Store Manager
  • Generate printable brochures, flyers or lookbooks with LookBook (PDF) Catalog Creator addon

All the mentioned functionality can be tested free for 2 weeks.

-------Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - enhances the functionality of default admin web interface, speeds up inventory management, automates daily tasks.

Re: Extension

The same as the others I agree that it is not possible to like actually advise you some good extensions if you don't specify the sphere of your store and the goal you're trying to achieve with this extension. 




Here are some Free Magento 2 Extensions

Here are some Paid Magento 2 Extensions

Re: Extension

With such a huge amount of extensions providers and correspondingly extensions available it is really hard to find the best one for your store. And even if you find some you believe are great, are you sure the will do any good for your store.


You need to know exactly what do you need to do in your store and only they look for the extension that might be the best variant for your store. 


You might check out this Magento 2 extensions. There are free as well as paid modules to choose from.

Re: Extension

Hello @MohamedGahly1


You can visit Solwin Infotech where you will find many free and premium extensions with unique features that will help you to enhance the performance of your website. A few of which you can check out here:

Category Import/Export: It helps to import and export all categories, subcategories, and related data like description, image, meta title, meta keywords, and many more.


Press Release: Allows to add press releases, news, portfolio, documentation, etc with comprehensive features.


Ajax Newsletter: It helps customers/visitors to subscribe newsletter on-site without page refresh.


Flickr Widget: It's a free Magento 2 extension that helps to display the latest feed of your Flickr page on your store.

Re: Extension


Magezon is a trusted Magento 2 extension providers with high quality and reliable products. Especially, Magezon developed a set of builder extensions that let you customize various aspects of your site: 

Trusted Magento 2 Extensions

Re: Extension




Hereby sending you the link for many cool extensions for M1 and M2 both.

All Plugins are easily customizable and user-friendly.

Just have a look once.




Hope you will get your desired solution.

All the best!



Re: Extension

Hello @MohamedGahly1,


Here I can share where you would get all extensions for your magento marketplace at one customer focused Magento development firm who are providing Best Magento2 extensions all are at one place. 

If my answer is helpful, then give kudos and accept as solution


Best regards


Magento expert