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Extensions Something Like Marketplace


Extensions Something Like Marketplace

Hi Guys,


I have been trying to find but all I can find was Marketplace. I needed something like Marketplace but without letting public Users to set the pricing.


  1. Users create their profile which in this case is registered members
  2. Admin will create different categories in the website like : Home, About Us, Gallery ( This will act as a Product Page with different sub categories ), Products, Contact Us
  3. Users can upload their "Products" in our Galleries with the following limitations :
    • Users can upload their "Products" in our Gallery or Products or any Products related section. Not About Us, Contact Us.
    • Users will be able to upload only a fix number of "Products" depending on the membership fee they purchase from us
    • Users will not be able to set their "Product" prices, Admin will set it
  4. Admin can also filter which "Product" to delete or approve
  5. Uploaded "Product" will also be able to navigate from the Uploader's Profile
  6. Any "Products" that is being sold, % amount of the sales will be credited into their account or any other payment method ( Kindly advise on this )

Not sure whether is it confusing. Hope you guys understand.


Thanks guys in advance.



Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

Hi @Dr3am3rz,


You are right - you need a marketplace extension. There are several of them for Magento, I'd recommend either Unirgy Marketplace (the membership for vendors is a free add-on) or VnEcoms Marketplace (they have the membership module to be purchased extra).


Products are never uploaded to About Us or Contact Us page, vendors can only upload them to the categories the admin defines on the site. As for the payment the best way would be to use PayPal adaptive payments - vendors automatically receive the payment (certain amount according to the margin set) to their PayPal account when the order is made.


We have recently published an article about marketplace extensions - feel free to check it, it has an overview of the most popular Magento marketplace extensions including pricing and pros/cons.



Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

Hi Magecom Team,


You have missed out 1 thing that I mentioned earlier.


Marketplace can let users set their own price. What I want is that admin will set the user's product price, user can only upload product but not set the price.


Wonder if there are any extensions like this out there.

Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

It's very difficult to find an extension that will meet all of your requirements at once, especially when it's something as complicated as a marketplace. You can just buy a ready-made extension and have it customized for your little requirement (extension providers usually offer customization services, too).

Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

Noted on that.


Thanks for your help! =)

Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

Hi that can be easily customised by using webkul marketplace module



Re: Extensions Something Like Marketplace

I am agree with Magecom team, to fulfill your all requirement you will need complete marketplace solution package. If you will search in web you can get many marketplace solutions like Rocket Bazaar, and pickup