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FAQs support in Marketplace

FAQs support in Marketplace


I'm working with Marketplace platform. Now I am looking for a FAQs module that allows me to deal with customers' questions about my products in a fast and effective way. Also, it should be a SEO-friendly module that can support in Marketplace. I've searched for several FAQs plugins but haven't got the most suitable one. So, I really need some helpful suggestions from you.

Thanks a lot!


Re: FAQs support in Marketplace

Hi @Levananh_2110,


I'm not sure which version of Magento are you using but maybe you can start looking here:

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Re: FAQs support in Marketplace

Hi @Levananh_2110,

If you are working with marketplace in Magento 2, I highly recommend you Magento 2 Marketplace FAQs. It absolutely can meet your requirement. Hope that it's helpful to you.