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Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find an extension which includes super fast responsive and mobile optimized marketplace to support my online business. I think my business will develop quickly and catch customers' attention if I find out that extension. If you know, please tell me!

Thank you in advance!


Re: Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

After going through your post and requirement I would suggest you M2Native extension. 

This extension is powered with all latest mobile trendy UI, UX and features which makes it robust and sustainable in long run with change in business requirement or flexibility to use.

Here are the benefits for merchant;

  1. UI uses Touch Screen intuitively for extended User Experience
  2. Stays on the user's device thus easier than remembering URL's
  3. Easy to notify app users for latest updates using Push Notification service
  4. You can use your creative knowledge to bring your mobile application for customers to access information easily
  5. Unlike websites, the native mobile app is 100% compatible with all supported smartphone versions

Re: Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

Hi, I know exactly which module will be best for you. You can go for Mobile App for Multi-Vendor Marketplace. It will help you develop a fully responsive mobile-optimized marketplace app for iOS and Android.


Please let me know if it helps.

Re: Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

Thank you gmoritz9. 


Regarding the module, it will help a Marketplace store owner to easily move his/her store to mobile devices. It helps to create fully featured Android and iOS apps. 


For more information contact us.



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Re: Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace

There are many solutions for shop owners to optimize their websites so that it is multi-browser compatibility and fits within various sizes of mobile screen, including responsive design and app. Among them, Magento mobile theme is one of the most balancing solutions for simplicity and optimization.