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FedEx shipping estimated delivery

FedEx shipping estimated delivery

I have adopted FedEx as my exclusive shipper, and they have been helpful getting me set up. There are a few things I would like to make happen on my Magento store that they can't help with, obviously. First, I would like the estimated delivery date to be displayed along with the shipping option on my checkout page. I'm not a programmer (I am a scientist, however) but I don't think this should be too difficult, since the FedEx API returns that information along with the estimated ship rate.


The second issue is commercial vs. residential. FedEx API also has the ability to provide that information. As it stands, I can configure my store to provide shipping options as though the customer is either a commercial customer (address) or a residential customer (address). The FedEx API can verify addresses and send that informatio to a Magento store, but Magento cannot use that infromation to list either "Ground" if the address is a commercial address, or  "Home Delivery" and "SmartPost" if the address is residential. 


Magento configuration does not allow for this, and I haven't found an extension that does. And I've looked really hard. It seems to me that such an extension could be a money maker for someone. I wish I had the accumen to create it. 


Can anyone help?


Thank you,




Re: FedEx shipping estimated delivery

Have you tried ZModulez:

I would suggest contacting them directly to find out, if their extension can really help you out with the second issue. 

Good luck!

Re: FedEx shipping estimated delivery

 Thanks for your suggestion, Alex. This extension seems to be only for FedEx freight - I need a solution for ground and different express options.



Re: FedEx shipping estimated delivery

This issues has still not addressed in any way.

There is no 3rd party extension that I know of and the current module still just sets the "residential" flag based on the configuration.