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Finding the right extension

Finding the right extension

Hi there !


We are building a website - which will allow users to add products to a product group which will then create a single product. An example of the functionality we are looking to achieve can be found here :


Users will choose the different flavours - which then create a single product and price.


I am trying to find a Magento Extension which will do this. I have sourced this extension : but I do not believe it will do what we are after.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance .


Re: Finding the right extension



You can try the Advanced Product Options extension and provide your product groups as options. This ext has one significant advantage: you can control inventory of each custom options. That's how I see the solution for your issue.

Re: Finding the right extension

Just to be clsear, you want to select few different simple products and quickly create configurable products based on them. Right?
Magento? it's really interesting.. BroSolutions like it Smiley Happy

Re: Finding the right extension

Hello Phil,


You may also check the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento. You can create group of options with images like on your example, and associate the options to other products if needed. Then you can divide the options into separate sections and make options dependent. For example, show Fruit flavors only if "Fruit" selected on the 1st step.


Hope it will be of help.


Best regards,


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