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Forum Extension for Magento 2

Forum Extension for Magento 2

Hello People,


I am starting a project with Magento and I am looking for a extension to create a forum/board or other solution to create a community around my e-commerce. I already searched through several forum about magento, but couldnt find anything with an integration with Magento 2.


Anyone already found something?




Re: Forum Extension for Magento 2



You may have a look at the below extension which can suit your requirements.


Also, if you are looking to develop a forum or Q/A sort of thing where communication between merchants and customers can take place, you may find the Product Questions by Aheadworks useful.

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Re: Forum Extension for Magento 2

Hi @leandro_rocha 


Upon search for your request I found that multiple stores are using this forum ext. for their Magento 2 store/site and they are quite satisfy with this. please share your reviews this will help community to understand what is working and what not





If you need help with something you can DM. I'm also working in a Magento development company in India

Re: Forum Extension for Magento 2

Re: Forum Extension for Magento 2

We do not have much forums options for Magento. So while visiting Cloudways blog just found Magento forum extension by fmeaddons that may work for you.

Re: Forum Extension for Magento 2

Extensions are software modules that are added to a website to improve the user experience and increase conversions. The Magento platform is rather straightforward, making it suitable for a wide range of eCommerce firms.


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