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Free Sample Request With Proper Admin Management

Free Sample Request With Proper Admin Management

I am looking for an extension that handles free sample requests.  I want it to be easily managed in the magento admin and can be set on a per product basis.  Also, in an ideal world the customers would be able to manage this in the my account section as well.  I have found one extension that seems to fit this (almost perfectly) and wanted to see if there was any others out there with similar functionality.


This is the extension I have currently researched:


The developers response to my questions was great when I asked.  I'd use this criteria in judging any suggestions as well.  Thanks a bunch!

Magento Enterprise Version

Re: Free Sample Request With Proper Admin Management

Hi Stephen,


You can try the Sample Request for B2B Magento Extensions.



  • With the help of this module, admin can enable/disable the sample request for each module.
  • Customer can able to see the requested sample and status from 'My Account' section.
  • Email notifications to both administrator and customer when the order is placed/  processed / completed / rejected. 
  • Provides detailed statistical analysis about the sample requests in various factors like customer groups, total requests placed, total requests converted into orders and so on.
  • Also provides the Requests Conversion Rates (Percentage representation of total requests converted to orders per total requests completed) for the specific sample.
  • Tracks the orders converted from completing sample requests and maintains a record for analysis.
  • Captcha available for better security while the user / customer is requesting samples.

Please do let me know if you need more details.



Mohan N



Re: Free Sample Request With Proper Admin Management

you can try sample order great solution for magento 1:  Sample order extension for magento 1

and more magento 2: Sample Order Extension for magento 2

These are working good.



MagePeople Team