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Google analytics restrictions for store owners


Google analytics restrictions for store owners

I'm doing freelancing for a client, he owns a Magento website. He has different stores, each store owned by a different owner. He wants to allow some stores to have access to gooogle analytics fortheir own shop only. And restrict others from using google analytics.

Is that feasible using some existing module? Or should I write a custom module for that?


Re: Google analytics restrictions for store owners

Hello @abbassater

If I've understood you correctly, your query can be handled in the Google Analytics account, and no Magento extension is needed.

Your client can create multiple views within his GA account: one of them will be general and can be accessed by him only; other views can be created in accordance with different stores: one for each. The User Management section under Admin tab in a Google Analytics account lets the administrator grant access to particular email addresses per view. Thus your client can control who can see GA statistics for each store view.

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