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Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation



First post here so I hope you folks can help.


I'm building a web shop selling CDs and vinyl and have 'Artist' as an attribute for products so they can be filtered by releases by that artist. The problem I have is that this list is going to get potentially very long and will involve a lot of scrolling in the layered navigation.


Is there an extension that'll update the layered navigation to group these by first Letter so they can be browsed more easily? If it can generate an 'Artist' page with a sub-divided list of artists available on the site then that'd be an added bonus.




Re: Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Hi @analoguetrash


There isn't any extension available as per you requirements but you can develop it in this way or may be can hire a developer for this:

  1. Create a "Artist" as category, not the product attribute
  2. Create one custom page into which you can display a block with any images like A-E, F-J etc.
  3. And When you click on any of the above blocks, you can open another page and display the only product which have "Artist" starting with selected character range.


Let me know if you need my help with this.

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Re: Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Hi @analoguetrash

Your request is quite specific. This extenion can help you


For example, you can create a kind of brand page where artists will be listed by alphabet.



Alternatively, you can use filters with multi select options which is also available in that extension.

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Re: Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Hi analoguetrash


We believe our Shop by Brand extension would be ideal for what you're trying to achieve.


Actually, one of the use cases of this extension is to replace the manufacturer attribute with Brand, Artist, Author, etc.. 

It also allows you to set up a separate page where all the artists are listed.


Please, let us know if you have any questions about this extension. 


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Re: Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Hello @analoguetrash , 

Another extension worth looking for is Multi-Category Layered Navigation Extension from ITORIS. 


It's an extension which can substitute the standard Magento's "Shop By" functionality with a convenient tool with advanced search logic.


Best regards,




Re: Group Attributes by Letter in Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 is a good option for you.


You can sort the order of any attribute either manually or automatically (A-Z and Z-A).

The brand page for artists you can create with the module is also a great option to highlight your new arrivals.


So, please take a look at the product page the demo.


Product page -

Demo -