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Grouped Product swatches

Grouped Product swatches



We have setup some Towel Collections using a Grouped Products (one for each product) made up of Basic Products. This is working well for us.



Towel Collection - White

  • Hand Towel - White
  • Bath Towel - White
  • Face Washer - White

Towel Collection - Black

  • Hand Towel - Black
  • Bath Towel - Black
  • Face Washer - Black

Towel Collection - Brown

  • Hand Towel - Brown
  • Bath Towel - Brown
  • Face Washer - Brown

However, we would like our users to be able to see what colour ranges with going back to the cart list view. An example of this is here:


How can we achieve this?



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Re: Grouped Product swatches

Try this custom option image gallery extension to add different color options for your products.


Demo and Detail link -


Re: Grouped Product swatches

Thanks for your response @AspirantApps


We need the swatches to link to other products, not just give an option to the existing product. From the screenshots, I cannot see where admin can provide a product id / sku / url to do this. Can you provide a demo of this working where the swatch will link to another product?

Re: Grouped Product swatches

Please see if the following Magento Product Swatches extension can help you, 


"Show how your product looks like in different swatches, colors, shapes and designs, custom product options...






Re: Grouped Product swatches


You can take a look at this grouped product extension that supports swatches.

Please find the demo here.


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