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Hello Everyone This is Ethan

Hello Everyone This is Ethan

Hello Guys, hope you all are doing well and having safe and healthy life. My name is Etan and I am an SEO Manager for Optimum Drives. I am here to learn more about Magento 2.0. Basically want to know about the extensions that are best for seo purposes (both free and paid). 


Hope I will get my answers in this forum.


Re: Hello Everyone This is Ethan

Hello @ethanoptimc88d,


Modesty aside, you might want to check out our SEO Suite Ultimate:


Also, in this thread, some indispensable extensions were discussed:



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Re: Hello Everyone This is Ethan


I'd love to introduce to you SEO extension by Mageplaza. This extension has a heap of remarkable highlights that are auto-dynamic when you introduce it from Mageplaza with no code alterations. It is additionally agreeable with your store on the off chance that you need to embed meta watchwords and meta portrayals for your item. It will perform impeccably to better your SEO. Below are some features that may interest you:

- Preventing duplicate content problem
- Structured data for SEO
- SEO Metadata template rules
- Hreflang tag and SEO Report

- Page Analysis (Rich Snippets preview)

- Advanced HTML/XML sitemaps

- Link alternate tag

- SEO checklist and Cross links

To learn more about this extension, you should read here.


Re: Hello Everyone This is Ethan

Hi there,

You can try and take a look at this Magento 2 SEO Extension developed by LandOfCoder. 


Magento 2 SEO extension is a comprehensive solution that can help you to enhance on-page SEO of your website. If you are looking for a module for those functions, you don’t have to look elsewhere.


The extension contains many advanced features that will assist and make your store better ranking, reduce costs on paid advertising and drive more qualitative traffic after a just few-steps configuration.

Key features can be mentioned are:

  • Preventing duplicate content problem
  • Enrich snippets in search results
  • SEO Metadata template rules
  • Advanced HTML/XML sitemaps
  • Automated internal and external cross links


We are on the way of finalizing this product, so let us know if you want this extension so we can proceed it quickly.


Have a nice day.