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Hello to All

Hello to All


Good morning to everyone, we are in the middle of setting up a business and will look towards a basic informational website with an eCommerce store coming in to play later. We are currently putting together a selection of extensions that we feel we will need to integrate with other software platforms such as: Xero, eBay, Capsule CRM to name a few.


Couple of things really:


One, are the extensions a one-off payment or on a monthly subscription?


Two, there seems to be a limited amount of extensions for the community edition 2.0 and above, so should be opt for edition 1 or are the developers in process of getting the extensions ready? 


thanks, in advance 




Re: Hello to All

Hi @Recertified, our extension marketplace is at, many of your questions depend on which extensions you are looking at.


Community Manager, Magento
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