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Hide/Display Configurable Attribute

Hide/Display Configurable Attribute

Hi to eveyone.

I'm looking for an Extension to manage this Situation:


I have an Online Furniture Store that use mostrly Configurable Products like this:

1 Configurable Product: Chair A

50 Simple Products: With or Without Armchair, in Different Colors, in different Materials etc...


I have an Attribute like "Armchair Yes or No" and after that all the other Attribute (Backerest Material/Color, Legs Material/Color etc...) and finally Armchair Material/Color.

I want to display Armchair Material/Color if Customer select Yes to Armchair. If he select No Armchair I want to hide it.


I can't manage this situation with the Custom Options of the Product.


In the Backend of the Simple Product of the Products without Armchair I select something like "Not_Available" only to don't leave it without a value but this value should not be displayed in the Product Option in the Frontend.


Is there any extensions allow me to manage this situation?




Re: Hide/Display Configurable Attribute

Hi @Zigmund


I think you need the dependable custom options, right?

This extension can help you with that:


Let me know if that's not what you are looking for.

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Re: Hide/Display Configurable Attribute



You can check out the following extension –

The plugin provides the conditional branching that allows to make one options dependent on other options. You can add option “Armchair Yes or No”, the choice of which will define the display sequence of other options.


Hope it will be of help!

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