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Hide Product per Country

Hide Product per Country

Hi to everyone,

 I'm looking for an Extension that allow me to choose in wich countries display or not dispay Products and/or Brands.


On my store I have Products of one Brand that cannot be sold in some specific Countries.

I need an Extentension that allow me to hide these Products for these Countries and not only block the Checkout Process.

Any Idea?


Thanks to everyone.


Re: Hide Product per Country

Our Catalog Permissions joint with Market Segmentation Suite will do the job for countries and whatever customer attribute you want.

For more information visit product pages, please.

Re: Hide Product per Country


Here is another extension- Zones Manager

It will help you to set up geo zones (which can be countries / states / regions/ zip codes/ zip code ranges ) and restrict a product/products by zone. Also it allows to restrict a zone/zones by product categories/ subcategories.

Besides, there are some other essential features that might also be of interest to you.

Re: Hide Product per Country


You can use the following extension to restrict IP, city, country or region to access specific products, category, brands or complete store. For more details -

Re: Hide Product per Country

Here is magento product shipping restriction by country, this is nice extension, you can restrict shipping in multiple countries for one product.


Re: Hide Product per Country

Check this B2B extension for Magento, it's features seem to be what you need. You can request demo to try the extension

Re: Hide Product per Country

Hello there,


check out  below extension which simply hides products based on user's country. Looks like exact match for your need