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Hide price for some products

Hide price for some products

Hi everybody, 

I am having some difficulties in hiding price for some products on my online store.

Is there any extension like that? Hopefully, you guys can offer me some. Thank you.


Re: Hide price for some products

Hello @Daisy082

If you are looking for a solution to hide prices for certain products, I can suggest you taking a look at this Magento 2 Hide Price module.


Also you can read more about how to hide prices in Magento 2 in our blog –


Best Regards,


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Re: Hide price for some products

Hi @Daisy082

Sure, you can use Magento 2 Hide Price Extension to hide price of product or product group.

Beside, there are a lot of amazing features that you can benefit:

  • Hide prices for guest customers
  • Hide prices from certain groups of customers
  • Display customized messages instead of “Add to Cart" with a custom message
  • Hide Price for Specific products
  • Catalog Rule: Add multiple conditions
  • Create custom message, custom form.
  • Customized Message: Support Magento2 shortcode, widgets
  • Hide Add To Cart button for not-logged-in customers
  • Hide price on all pages
  • Hide price for specific products or all categories
  • Hide price for specific products on different store view
  • Create unlimited Call Hide Price profile
  • Add new widgets: Contact Form, Login Form
  • Pop-up Form: FancyBox Effect
  • Support all the Magento 2 Product Types
  • Support to hide price on all pages
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

When purchasing this extension, you can have it freely installed on your website by our developer. For further information, please contact LandOfCoder via:



Hope this helps!

Re: Hide price for some products

Hi @Daisy082


Here is one more extension for hiding product price as you need -


With this module you can hide prices for particular items, categories as well customize 'Add to Cart' text and more.


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