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How to Manage this incredible Situation?

How to Manage this incredible Situation?

Hi to everyone!

I have to create a new Online Store in Magento

For the type of Product, almost all the Products will be Configurable Product with a lot of Simple Product associated.


The big problem is to manage the Prices.

On a previous Store I used SCP (Simple Configurable Product by Organic) but I've read that it is not reccomanded cause it is not supported from a long time and it can cause a lot of problems.


  • I have to set all the Prices in the Simple Product ignoring the Price of the Configurable Product (this because there isn't a rule that allow me to use the "Super product attributes configuration")
  • I have to insert the Price of the Manufacturer Price List
  • For some Manufacturer I have to apply a Discount / Increase depending on the Country of the Customer
  • Some Manufacturer cannot be sold in some Country

To Manage this Situation, I think something like this:


Simple-Product-Pricing ( instead of SCP
Catalogue Rules (Modified to allow negative value for increase the Price List)
Zone Pricing ( to Manage the Discount for each Country
Restrict Product Country ( or Shipping Restrictions ( to disable some Manufacturer to some Countries.

What do you think? It is a good Solution or there is a better way? Can anyone suggest me another way or another extensions to manage this Situation?
Thanks to everyone


Re: How to Manage this incredible Situation?

Any Idea?

I didn't find a final solution yet.

Re: How to Manage this incredible Situation?

To replace SCP you can use our module, it does a lot more then SCP and is supported for the latest versions of magento