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I own it

I own it

I am looking for an extension where a customer can can click a button or a checkbox while on a product to say "I own it" and be able to select a qty that they own.


Then in their account pages would be a page listing all of the products they already own by their category with links to the products. It would be even better if they could put a serial number or serial numbers with the products they own.


Then from the admin side it would be nice to be able to do a report about how many people own that particular product and a qty count.


Any assistance on finding such a module will be appreciated.  I am working with CE Magento. Thank you


Re: I own it

OK, so you want customers that purchased the product from other stores to inform you of this purchase? 


Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that purchase history is a standard functionality - you can get info on the qty of purchased products from there. It's unreasonable to believe that people are going to fill out all of this info themselves informing you about their purchases on other websites.

Is this extension something you might be interested in? This seems to have the necessary functionality.

Re: I own it

Yes, the standard checkout or order history will not work for this purpose. As there wont actually be any orders on this magento install. It will be used as a catalog. So I want customers to be able to say which products they own that are in the catalog.


The extension you linked is based on orders so it will not work. Thank you for the suggestion though.


Surely there has got to be an extension out there like what I am talking about. Maybe even a product registration extension might work.