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Implementing Price mechanism

Implementing Price mechanism



I'm planning to implement a price system for several product which calculates on the basis of option selected.


First of all the item has two different price Price A and Price B which user has to select while ordering.


Based on the above, second option is to select type of product. Based on Type of prouct price again changes.


Then on the basis of above, there are several other option which affect the final prices.


Is there any etho or extention availabl which can do this.


Re: Implementing Price mechanism

have you tried with custom option and configurable product ? or you've specific requirement.


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Re: Implementing Price mechanism

Hi @cmpugay,


You might want to check this Product Configurator extension - maybe it will work for you. If you give more details about what the product options are we can give you more advice. I don't think custom options will work here because you have the options dependend on each other, but it's a default Magento feature and you don't have to develop anything. We have also built a similar thing for other websites (custom popcorn builder, custom pillow configurator) - would be glad to help you develop your custom product builder too, feel free to contact us.

Re: Implementing Price mechanism


You have 2 options for you.


This Easy Product Options plugin allows to set the conditional branching and specify prices per option. So your final price will be calculated on the basis of chosen options.

The Product Price Formula extension also calculates the product price based on created custom math formula and product options.


Hope this helps!



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