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Import parts of datasheet

Import parts of datasheet

Hello everyone,


I intend to create my first website using magento and I need to import contents from a pdf datasheet to my web.


I guess it’s not possible to do it directly and I have to export it to xml or csv firstly. I can do it, what I don’t know is how to list the different parts.


I will try to explain it by the following example. Let’s suppose I have a pdf of an electronic product which has four different parts:

Let’s imagine a client of the web who only wants to buy part 4, so he should be able to select just part 4 on a pull-down menu, for example. That would allow him to add this product to a shopping cart or even to a previous window where he could modify quantity or other features.

It should be done for thousands of parts, that’s why I would like to know if there is any plug-in or extension to do it by automated means. I hope my explanation is clear enough. If someone know any way to do it or any place where it can be done, please let me know.