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Integration with Sage 1000

Integration with Sage 1000



Does anybody know of a good extension that integrates Magento with Sage 1000 ? (I don't know anything about Sage but I believe that this is a release for a larger companies)


I've looked through extensions but as there are different releases of Sage i'm not sure which extensions are most suitable.





Re: Integration with Sage 1000

Sage 1000 is the enterprise edition costing $100,000s to install, there isn't really much available at that level. We can pass you on to some people who can refer you to architects at this level, they have connectors to/from Magento CE/EE to ERPs such as SAP, Netsuite, Sage, Dynamics otherwise it's a Google search, word of mouth or talking to Sage directly.

Re: Integration with Sage 1000

Thanks for the reply, the cost of Sage 1000 leads me to believe this isn't the version of Sage they are using, I'll have a look at the readily available extensions as a'm sure they're on something lower, maybe 100.

Re: Integration with Sage 1000



I'm a Sage 500 / 1000 expert and we have a product that will import stuff into Sage from virtually any system such as websites, intelligent tills, 3rd party vertical market systems etc etc Try to find out if you have Sage 100 or Sage 1000 first Smiley Very Happy






Re: Integration with Sage 1000

Hi Mark,


I'm interested to know more about your product integrating to Sage 1000 - do you have somewhere I can get more details?



Re: Integration with Sage 1000

Hi, I sent you a private message but for anyone else interested we have a product that is completely configurable and integrates any product into Sage Line 500 versions 3.0 to 7.1 or

Sage 1000, all versions (we're currently Beta testing the new v4 stuff).


So far we have integrated multiple website order systems, a Freight Forwarding system, Intelligent Tills (ie. Shops to Head Office), the list is pretty extensive, we've also managed to integrate a holding company who were running SAP R3 into Sage 1000 which was quite challenging, virtually all our Integration is 2 way and we have 2 great products that import and export details from Sage.


Details can be found at