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Internal crosslinking tool

Internal crosslinking tool



what I need is an extension to automatically build internal crosslinks. I have a list of KWs to use as anchors, and want to link them with the product pages I'm currently promoting (mainly for the sake of driving more traffic there).  Note that I got a website with about 20,000 products and want to fully automate the process - just enter the KWs, destination links and that's it.  Does any extension of MC do that? 





Re: Internal crosslinking tool

Hi, @nill_pjz


Check the updated version of our SEO Suite Ultimate with internal/ external Cross Link functionality.

The latest version of our module will let you automatically add links for any keyword/ keyword phrase in any language. Also, all you need to do is to copy/ paste the list of your keywords and specify destination URLs (that can be product, category, CMS or AheadWorks Blog post pages). That's it.  Additionally, you can automatically link these keywords to any external URLs.


On top of that, you will be ablt to specify a link title and alt tag, define the way a link will be opened (in the same or a new window), define the maximum number of replacements, etc.


To check how it all works, follow this link to the extension's demo.

P.S. Your feedback on this functionality of our module will be greatly appreciated! Smiley Wink


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Re: Internal crosslinking tool

Thx, but what's the point of getting the Suite if you have a special module for that??! Just found it on your site:


Does this extension do the same? Or its functionality is limited? I don't want to pay 250$ for the whole suite - I just need cross linking functionaluty!


Re: Internal crosslinking tool



Sorry, we have just released a separate Cross Linking extension the other day. Hence, last time we sent you the link to the  SEO Suite page.


The cross linking functionality in the new extension is absolutely the same as in the SEO Suite Ultimate. So if you want to get only the cross-linking features, you may do that not getting the whole SEO toolkit Smiley Happy

Hope it's what you are looking for Smiley Happy

Innovative, top-performing Magento Extensions (with an array of FREE tools).

Re: Internal crosslinking tool

I belive will do what you need. Not tested this extension specifically but have used their extensions and in general really good quality.

@FishPig Can you confirm once entered in the admin the text throughout the site is automatically linked right?

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