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Limit options

Limit options

Hi there!


I need a solution for a pizza-delivery site.


We have three products that are defined by the number of options:

Pizza 1: you can choose 7 out of 15 options (=topings). 

Pizza 2: you can choose 5 out of 15 options.

Pizza 2: you can choose 3 out of 15 options.

How can I limit the chosen options?


Users should be able to choose more options but this results in additional costs.

How can I tell Magento to add the costs from a certain point (i.e. the fourth option)?


I already found the extension "Custom Options Set" - that helped me building sets - but I miss the limit function.

Thanks in advance Smiley Happy



Re: Limit options

You will need to customize that module to acheive this feature. It can't be done out of the box

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