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Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an effective live chat extension for my own Magento 2 store that helps me directly and instantly chat with my customers. Could anyone here recommend me some ones?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much!


Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hello @Pigpig

I highly recommend Magento 2 Live Chat Extension produced by Landofcoder. This extension can help you chat directly with customers and clear their doubts about all the product’s aspects.

Link product:

Hope it is useful for you.



Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hello @Pigpig

You can checkout this FREE live chat service

Unlimited Chats, agents and forever chat messages stored. 

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Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

The FREE Magento 2 Facebook Chat facilitates live chat support via Messenger in Magento 2 store.


Chat with your customers in their preferred platform, i.e., Facebook Messenger!


With the friendly app for direct communication, build better customer relationship and earn their trust, with the help of the free module!

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Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hi there,


I would highly recommend the Live Chat System for Magento 2. Integrate an advance live chat system with your online.


The customers can do live conversations with admin or chat agents. Shoppers can use a live chat system for their queries or questions. Create different Chat Agents for better management of customer queries. All customer queries are automatically assigned to the available chat agents.


  • Flexible Chat Support 
  • Advanced Chat Window 
  • Chat Agents
  • Assign Chats To Agents 
  • Convenient Login & Signup
  • Upload Chat Avatar
  • File Sharing Feature
  • Check Availability Online/Offline
  • Ratings & Feedback
  • Support Emojis
  • Start & End Chat
  • Send Report



Hope this solution will be helpful for you, if not then you can contact the support team for further customization to make this extension fit for your purpose.





Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

If the effective live chat extension is concerned then Magento 2 Zendesk Chat is the answer. There is plenty of chat extensions for Magento 2. But what makes this one stand out are these things:

1. It pulls out customers' data and clips it to the chat so that you can refer to some particular customers when needed having the email, phone number and name.

2. It doesn't influence your website loading speed due to the reduced third-party code impact.


Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hello there, 




I would like to recommend the following extension-

Order History Communication for Magento 2.


  • Enable your customers to put up queries related to their orders.
  • From the My Order History section, the customers can communicate with the store owner for a particular order.
  • Send and receive messages with file attachments and keeping conversation history records.

Thanks and Regards!


Re: Live Chat Extension for Magento 2

Hi @Pigpig,

Check out this Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by Milople Technologies.