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Loaded question about reports

Loaded question about reports

I have taken over a Magento site and the customer has had a query about reports. They asked for.....




Report including the following:

Country of destination
Number of items
Price of item
Price of postage
Signed for or standard postage

I need to be able to make global changes to customer details i.e. change order status from processing to complete.



Can anyone tell me what i'm going to need to make that possible? I would have thought that reporting was part of the basic Magento system?


Thanks for any help you can throw my way.



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Re: Loaded question about reports

You're right that the reporting within magento is pretty basic. Magento have their Business Intelligence product which has an Essentials plan at $100/month:


There are a couple of advanced reports extensions available on the marketplace to try and save yourselve a job as well:


In terms of orders, they'll be automatically updated status to complete once shipments have been created for all items in the order. 

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