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Locations Based Sliders.

Locations Based Sliders.

Hello there.


I wanted to know that is there any extentions or setting in that


i can add number of sliders screens and specify its which locations  it should show.

like for hindi image to india and Engilsh for US.


so if the website is open in india the hindi slider image should show not other.

and so fo US and Germany ets..





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Re: Locations Based Sliders.

Hi @mdism,


Maybe the most regular approach is to use a multi-store view setup (at least to use one language per store view).

If that's the case most of the Slider modules available (free and paid) supports multi-store views so you should be able to do that choosing if a Slide is available on one store view or the other (or both).

I can't recommend just 1 module but try for check if the module you choose has multi-sotre view support.

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Re: Locations Based Sliders.

Here is the extension you can benefit from - Rich Banner Slider by Aheadworks. You can target customers by store views or customer groups and exploit other useful options to make the sliders relevant to any occasion or customer group.


Product page - 

Demo store -

Re: Locations Based Sliders.

I highly recommend to use Magento 2 Banners It is based on Magento core functionality and built to keep banners and blocks management much easier, faster and more flexible.

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