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M2E Pro Alternative

M2E Pro Alternative


I am looking for a Extention to connect my magento Shop with ebay and amazon. Ofc i already found M2E Pro. My question is: is the a good alternative to M2E PRO that you woud recomment?


Re: M2E Pro Alternative

I have heard stitch labs are quite good.


I reviewed some inventory management systems in the past -, you might want to have a look.

Re: M2E Pro Alternative

Hey Tom,


we have used M2E Pro many times but also have had heaps of clients using Omnivore and Channeladvisor.

As an extension Omnivore is straightforward to use as well.




Re: M2E Pro Alternative

You can also have a look at + its eBay and Amazon integrators. There is 14-day free trial to test. What's also good that the purchase is one-time for lifetime licenses, so no monthly fees and no dependency with volume of your sales.