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MSI with delivery Leadtime

MSI with delivery Leadtime

Hello All,

I have a Magento community 2.4 website  and  Amasty shipping suite in order to create shipping rules 


We want to enable combined inventory ( MSI )on the front end and show delivery lead time based on shipping rules set for the fulfilled location



  • Customer place an order in City = X
  • Country X City= 4 Qty, Delivery Leadtime to Customer 2  Days
  • Country Y City= 3 Qty, Delivery Leadtime to customer 5 Days 
  • The objective is to show the customer the full available QTy and  Max lead time or 2 delivery lead time based on fulfilled location

If a customer places an order for a product that has a total qty of 7 overall warehouses ( which is in 2 different countries).

It should show that 4 Qty are coming from City X which needs 2 days delivery lead time, and 3 Qty coming from City Y which needs 5 days delivery lead time 


Can someone help me with the right solution for this case?


Re: MSI with delivery Leadtime


Are you expecting to display a single (merged) shipping method with max lead time or display 2 shipping methods for each fulfilled location (split checkout) with individual lead times?


Anyways, our Calcurates shipping SaaS can do both and the combination of our Multi-Origin and Delivery Dates features can solve your case. The Calcurates Multi-Origin shipping is fully compatible with Magento MSI.