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Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

I am hoping to get unbiased feedback on what the best blog extension there is for Magento 2 Community Edition.  




Re: Magento 2 Blog Extensions

There are lots of Magento extensions available for blog, I have used before from one store and there I have found Magento 2.0 Blog extension

Re: Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Hi friend,


Hope you are doing well with your Magento  2 website.

Regarding your question about a Magento 2 Blog Extension, I have a suggestion for you.

It is one of LandOfCoder products. You can learn about its features in the following list:


  1. Multiple layouts types
  2. Touch Optimized Owl Carousel
  3. Mobile & Tablet Optimized
  4. Display Images or Video( Youtube/Vimeo)
  5. Multiple post styles
  6. SEO Optimized
  7. Tag Cloud Supported
  8. Related Post Widget Supported
  9. Easily arrange posts in each category
  10. Multiple Comment Types Supported
  11. Multiple Color, Background color, Border color
  12. Showcase Author Profile
  13. Easily Add Nick Name, Avatar, Biographical Info
  14. 14+ Social Networks Integrated
  15. Manage Related Post
  16. Add vote: like/dislike buttons
  17. Import Blog From Wordpress
  18. Right To Left Language Support
  19. Schedule Posts
  20. Live Blog Preview
  21. Integrated Image Gallery

It is now for sale with $68, and you can get free installation on the website by our developer. In case you want to get more features for the extension, feel free to contact us and our developer will work on that to meet your demand.








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