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Magento 2 Form Builder

Magento 2 Form Builder

Hello everyone!

I am seeking a Magento 2 Form Builder that is flexible and easy to use? Could anyone here give me some suggestions?

Looking to hear from you soon and Thanks in advance!


Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

Hello Pigpig,

Check the following advanced form builder for Magento 2 with an intuitive visual interface and tons of features -
It allows to create multi-page forms, dependent fields, send custom emails to 3rd-parties, manage submissions in the Backend and on Customer's Dashboard, export data to Excel and PDF, add custom validation rules, CSS styles and more. Check the video tutorial and Demos. You will be impressed! Smiley Wink

Also, look at our other professionally developed and tested extensions for Magento 2 at

Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

Hi guys,

My answer is CMS Page builder Magento 2 - an extension allowing you to edit CMS pages effortlessly and visually at front-end. As a result, you can see what you’ve performed instantly whether it is a minimal adjustment right on user interface. No coding knowledge requires

Cms frontend builder.PNG

- Compatible with any Magento 2 Themes
- Visualization and Friendliness : Every single change is visualized instantly and enticingly
- 29 + block elements to help you create any content you want
- Empower you to create as many CMS Pages as possible


Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

Hi Pigpig,


If you are still looking for a flexible and easy-to-use Magento 2 form builder, you can consider Blue Form Builder:

This drag & drop Magento 2 form builder comes with file upload, auto email notifications, Captcha, Google Maps and a lot of other flexible features. You can also embed forms anywhere you want and design forms the way you want easily. 


So hope that you find this helpful!

Thank you!

Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

Free Magento 2 Form Builder is is an incredible extension which provides an optimal solution to create your page and make magento 2 theme faster and easier. The product with many useful features that would help customers have an interesting experience in building page in Magento 2

Get details:

 - Empower you to create as many CMS Pages as possible

- Drag and drop interface and 30 + builder elements supported
- Suitable For All CMS Pages
- User-friendly interface that enables you to see directly what you want to change.
- Easily Compatible With Other Extensions and Themes
- Responsive Design Options
- Speed of loading page increases dramatically

There are hundreds of thousands of happy customers using our items. For some reason, users love free Magento themes and extensions and in order to meet demand of those who fall in love with our MGS Front-end Page Builder with selective features, we present a light version of the extension.

Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

I suggest you use Advanced Form for Magento 2 Allow administrator to create numerous shapes of web form with 11 useful fields to collect customer’s information to meet your marketing demand. You can easily create your own forms tailored for your business purposes.

Advanced Form - Features
Unlimited number of forms created
Automatically create email template, meanwhile, the form is being created
Generate display page while creating form
11 super exciting input types for each field (text, text area, file, image, drop-down, radio, checkbox, multiple select, date, store view, product) to choose
Support data storage and sending mail after form is submitted.
Ability to configure Send mail panel with email template, recipients and fields to reply
Allow to add CAPTCHA code to form
Allow to configure Display page similar to creating a CMS page
Allow to create your own template to display the form using available shortcodes

Re: Magento 2 Form Builder



Check out these extensions which might suit your requirements:

Thank you!

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Re: Magento 2 Form Builder


Here I found some of the most popular form builder modules for Magento site, you can browse and try the demo to make sure they meet your needs: 

1. Magento 2 Form Builder – Landofcoder ($99)
2. Contact Form for Magento 2 – Pixlogix ( $99)
3. Custom Form for Magento 2 – Amasty ($189)
4. Form Builder for Magento 2 – Mageme ($99)
5. Contact Form Magento 2 Extension – Plugin Company ($215)
6. Professional Form Builder for Magento 2 – Itoris ($299)

For more details, you can check in this review post: 5+ Best Magento 2 Form Builder Extensions

Hope it help you out.

Re: Magento 2 Form Builder

Hi mate,


Based on my experience, I'd like to recommend Magento 2 Form Builder Extension by Landofcoder.


This module helps to create multiple website forms quickly and effectively to gather customers’ information. No specialized knowledge or coding experience is required, Store owners can believe that it won’t take long and take much effort to get used to the system.


I am totally satisfied with it, a lot of utilities, plugins everything is perfect and works well on my site.


Besides, you can take a look at this blog, it's will tell you everything you need to know about Magento 2 Form Builder.


Hope this is helpful!