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Magento 2 accessories us up-sell products


Magento 2 accessories us up-sell products

I must to build a Magento 2 online store. Offer is diffrent kitchen dors. Each door has four accessories. They should appear /accessories/ on the product page beneath product photo. My idea is to use up-sell products as an option. Can I build 4 separate up-sell moduls ? To be able to upload the accessories from separate menus /up-sell/, displayed in the admin panel. If you have another option, i will be glad to share it. I'm sending a picture:upsell.png


Re: Magento 2 accessories us up-sell products

One way you might be able to do this with minimal customisation is to upload all products into the default Up-sells section. Then modify the output, looping through all products and using their categories to split them into their different categories before outputting to the page. 

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