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Magento 2 to protect your emails from spam

Magento 2 to protect your emails from spam

Hi mate,

I am looking for an Extension which can help me protect our website's emails from SPAM & prevent emails from going into junk folder of recipients


Re: Magento 2 to protect your emails from spam

Hi mate,
I understand your concern. I would like to recommend you this Extension - Magento 2 SMTP Extension from Landofcoder. It works well and helps you with all the things you have mentioned. Also, the support staff is very nice and fast.

Link product:
✨✨✨ 5/5 stars (12 reviews) - $168

Are you seeking a solution to take full control over Magento 2 SMTP configuration? Or you may need to use other reliable SMTP servers to protect your emails from spam. It is necessary to configure and send all outgoing emails by SMTP server that prevent your email from going into junk/spam folder of recipients.
However, Magento 2 doesn't work well with SMTP. Hence, we created Magento 2 SMTP extension. Using the extension, you can choose to send reliable emails from a local hosting or custom SMTP server. Also, you can test your email easily with debug mode. And it allows you to log all sent email and view message in detail.

Outstanding Features
- Use Your Own SMTP Server Or 28+ Popular Services
AOL Mail, Comcast, GMX, Gmail, Hotmail, Apache Tomcat, O2 Mail, Office365, Orange, Outlook, [New] Yahoo Mail Plus, [New] Yahoo AU/NZ, [New] AT&T, [New], Yahoo, Zoho, Send Grid, Send In Blue, Mandrill, Elastic Email, SparkPost, Mailjet, Mailgun, Postmark, [New] BT Connect, [New] Verizon, [New] BT Openworld, [New] O2 Online Deutschland

- Take full control over Magento 2 SMTP settings
It is easy for you to configure SMTP. You are able to:
Choose Auto to fill SMTP or 20+ Smtp server.
Run a Test email smtp
Auto Clear Log
Auto Debug Log

- Run tests before sending out the mail
Our magento 2 SMTP extension helps you to run a test before sending out. It will make sure that your setting are correct.

- Make sure all customers receive your email
By using the reliable SMTP servers, it can make sure that all recipients will receive all emails you sent.

- Email Log with Maximum Control
>>all the emails
>>the date and time
>>the recipient email
>>email status

- Make Sure All Email Sent with Debug mode
Debug mode is to make sure that everything works correctly. You can find which emails are sent or which errors you have.
>>Show email debug
>>Preview email debug
>>Clear email debug

- Create Email Backlist Effortlessly
Backlist is to contain unwanted recipients. You can exclude them from an email list to which you sent. Using Magento 2 You can create and manage backlist easily.

- Support Multiple Email Sender
This feature allows you to send message from different emails such as transactional email, order email, support email.

- Export email to CSV With Ease
Our Magento 2 SMTP Extension supports you to export CSV file in the blink of an eye.

- Restrict specific IP address from SMTP email sending
It is also possible for you to block or restrict specific IP address from SMTP email sending.

- Check Spam Content For Email In A Blink Of An Eye
Our extension allows you to check spam content for email. Simply add content you want to mark as spam in the spam information section.

- Powerful SMTP Email Report
Check your sending status easier with email pie chart. With our report, you can see the percentage of failed email and sent email.

- Email logging with detailed view
With our magento 2 SMTP extension, you can see when and to whom the email was sent, the status of the email( completed, pending, in process or fail). Moreover, you can view the content of any email to edit if it needed.

- Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
It is never slow down your speed. Also, the extension support Magento block caching that helps to speed up your site significantly.

- Attractive Custom Work Service
Custom Work is always difficult for both web users & store owners. To help you reduce the pressure when sitting for a long time in front of screen to search & learn how to customize, we provide attractive custom work service with 2 main types:
>> Free Cost: Used for simple & less time-consuming custom
>> $15/hour cost: Used for complex & time-wasting custom