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Magento Analytics

Magento Analytics


Default Magento analytics isn't good enough for me. I've found several variants that look ok - RJMetrics, SavvyCube and Jirafe - but I want to get some live reviews towards them.
Anyone here using them?


Re: Magento Analytics

Hey Morgan!

What is the size of your business?

I'm asking becasue the tools you have mentioned are developed for different businesses sizes. For example, SavvyCube is a great app for small and midsize Magento-based businesses, while Jirafe will perfectly meet the requirements of large businesses that have a big turnover.  


You may check both.

With SavvyCuve Magento analytics you will be able to overview all your sales stats, check how your net profit relates to your revenue, see the total amount of all refunds and taxes and find out the most profitanle referral channels. Also, you can use the app to figure out which products sell best, which customers buy most, etc. (the price starts at $29/ month)

With Jirafe you will be able to check which marketing channels drive you more traffic, and learn which channels convert better. You can even dig deeper and learn which keywords, social media sources or email campaigns bring more visitors that purchase on your site (the price starts at $499/ month)





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Re: Magento Analytics

I used jirafe but they changed not in a better way recently. Looking for a replacement. I checked savvycube and it looks promising. Will it work if a store has 5 000 000+ orders?

Re: Magento Analytics



Don't know if you picked a Magento analytics extension yet. I highly recommend Moco Insight as it has great customer, product and transaction reports. It also has a custom report builder so you can make all the reports you need. 


Moco is particularly strong and stands out due to its product reports. Lots of people use it to better manage their inventory. 


Best of luck

Re: Magento Analytics

Hi, @MorganDerek 


I recommend you to check this magento analytics extension:  


It's far cheaper than expensive analytical SAAS tools and does basically the same thing. I have used the module for about a week and am pretty happy what what it offers. 


Hope it will help. Smiley Happy 

Re: Magento Analytics

Look at our Advanced Reports extension, please. You will certainly find it advanced and useful as it contains 12 native reports and 10 additional reporting units. Here is the product page


Magento 2:

Re: Magento Analytics

Have a look at Exto Analytics


It's free for M2 CE and has a decent set of features.

Re: Magento Analytics

Here is suggestion from me. Cheapest and best extension you can find on Magento connect

Magento Advanced Reports 

Magento 2 Advanced Reports