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Magento Integration with Walmart

Magento Integration with Walmart

Hello All,


Can any one installed or configured Walmart with Magento E- commerce for both Community and Enterprise?

Is there any extension available in magento marketplace that can connect with the Walmart ?

I need to integrate following things.

 - Products Sync

 - Orders Sync

 - RMA if any


Thanks a lot





Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

I, too, am looking for a Magento module or extension that can integrate with Walmart Sales Channel Portal.  For now it's excel upload feeds.


I'm using Magento



Re: Magento Integration with Walmart



i found php code from github.

Just have a look on this.


Following company provides such product /extension for this.

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

I don’t have it for enterprise edition, but I’m currently using Cedcommerce ’s Walmart Magento integration extension (Community Edition) for my Magento 2 stores. It has Product sync and Order sync functionalities as well and for the time being, it works just fine.

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

Amazing job by CED Commerce Team this module was build to support php 5.4 , however when i reached out to them to see if they can alter the program to support php version 5.3.24 they have gone ahead and made all the necessary changes within no time. The whole team has a great work ethic and i really like their communication speed. The team at CED has also helped us with the customization of the module as per our needs. Keep up the great job guys

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

The extension supports PHP 5.3 and it has been a perfect one.

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Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

Yes, you can configure Walmart with Magento. And there are few extensions on this marketplace that can help you do that. But they come with some limitations, which is kind of ridiculous given you’re paying high for them.

So it is best you look for some third-party— an e-commerce software solution that provides to integrate marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engine easily. There are few names you can go for like ChannelAdvisor and ChannelSale.

But you got to be careful about the pricing of these solution providers. Like ChannelAdvisor charge very high, something isn’t really very appealing, at least for the new sellers. Like you mention, you’re looking for products sync, orders sync and RMA. So go for e-commerce solution that provides these basic features at the lowest of price. Don’t get carried away with all their claims and features that you aren’t really going to use. Know your exact need and stick strictly to it to save some money.

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

Thanks Milind for the information. I read an article where they became WalMart Channel Partner for Integration. Would like to know more on how it worked for you. Let me know how soon the order get synchronized. Apart from the order and product what all does the extension offer.

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

Synchronisation has not been an issue.  The order is every 10 mins.  The product is on every successful product save. Inventory and Price are synced timely too.
Support has been awesome.Both my stores are working perfectly and I am generating a lot of sales and revenue by using this extension for my Magento 2 store.

Re: Magento Integration with Walmart

Yes  milind, I am also using this extension, It's working fine and wonderful support team have