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Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM

Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM

Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM


I need some guidance and recommendations on the best way to setup such integration.

We would like to have the option to update prices and default content across, to avoid double work and maybe options to synchronize customer database etc.


When I search for extension to do this, these seems very pricy and way over our budget.


Therefore, I really hope someone can shed some light on how to do this most cost effective etc.


Hope to hear from you

Many thanks

/Joakim Hansen


Re: Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM



Which version / system of Dynamics  are you using?  AX is the ERP Module, CRM is the Sales & Customer Service ModuleI...I did a quick check online and the current version of EACH of those will run you between $65 / user / month ($780 / user / year) up to $200 / user / month ($3600 / user / year) according to Microsoft.


Given that for CRM you'll be paying around $3,600 / year / user - which integration modules did you find and what were there costs compared the base licensing?  I've worked a few custom-written ones from other developers and I can tell you from first hand experience that I would have paid just about any price to have one that was well supported and developed using best practices of Magento or Dynamics....


Sometimes you get what you pay for.


- BJ Hoffpauir

Bryan "BJ" Hoffpauir - Contact me on my Blog!

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Re: Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM

One of the companies that I found really helpful when finding solutions related to CRM integration of Magento using Dynamics AX is Folio3. They have a minimal fees of $1500 for set-up and $3600 yearly cost. I found it to be most affordable among all other services offering Magento. You can find more about it here:

Re: Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM


The optimal way to update prices and customer database is to integrate your Magento site with an ERP software. This integration will amalgamate your entire content in one place and will give you a single view dashboard where you can check your sales, accounts, customer details, invoices and refunds. Check with WebBee Global for customized integration of your Magento site with required CRM or ERP solution. This seamless integration of your data will reduce your manual effort and their pricing also fits the small business companies like yours. The consultation is effective and their ideas are creative to suit diverse clients with unique requirements.For more information, visit our site:- or call our number 1-408-641-7004 or mail us


Re: Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM

Magento clients are improving their daily workflows and getting a leg up on the competition with the most effortless CRM integration available on the market. Businesses who have access to Magento's procurement data and intelligence within their CRM are able to spend more of their time and effort on pursuing profitable B2G sales. The ability to reach out to government clients before the competition does is essential to public sector sales success, and Magento's CRM integration for Dynamics makes it easier than ever to act quickly on critical government sales leads.

"Magento's data is an indispensable component of the government sales program for our clients. Our goal with the integration is to ensure that our clients can easily track and manage Magento leads and intelligence within their existing CRM tools," explained Chris Woerner, SVP of Product. "Our strategic vision is to become the go-to vendor for solutions that help businesses who sell to the government streamline and optimize their daily sales workflows."

Re: Magento integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM  is one of the finest ERP software products intended by experts to help small and mid scale companies in managing CRM, finance, supply chains, manufacturing, etc. As most developers are aware of the fact that Magento and Dynamics CRM integration works best for accounting systems, e-commerce, storage warehouse, ERP/EPOS and other related things.

The relevance of e-commerce business for an entrepreneur is understandable. The online presence of the business helps entrepreneurs to expand their business. But what’s the trick that makes e-commerce website a happening one? How can an entrepreneur turn market’s online presence for his business? The answer is Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration service adoption for a business site.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration provides a comprehensive integrated commerce site of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP that is connected with NAV and offer a platform and adaptability to make enough from your investment.