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Make a list of PDF to downloads

Make a list of PDF to downloads

Hi, someone knows if exist any plugin to make a list of pdf to download, like books for example. Im working in a ecommerce for a book store and they want make a section for tesis only for download. Thanks in advance


Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads

Hello deadblooms,


Do you want the plugin for Magento 1 or Magento 2? We have an extension that allows you to create a separate page and display list of PDF and other file types for download purpose. You can also display these PDF and other files on product and CMS pages.

More Features:

  • Show file download counter
  • Display file icons
  • Give title to each file
  • Restrict files download by customer groups
  • Set download limit for each file.


You can find extension for Magento 2 here

For Magento 1 you can follow this link -


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Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads

Here is the extension that might be useful for you.Using it you can download files of any types to your product pages.

P.S. Includes statistics of downloads.


The Extra Downloads extension for Magento -

Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads

Good afternoon @deadblooms



I have created a simple module to allow extra filetypes in the WYSIWYG-editor for example PDF files. The easily describes how to upload for example a PDF file. This is a free extension for the community and can be installed through composer and can be found on Packagist


Let me know if you have any questions

Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads



You can try the Magento 2 Product Attachments extension that add the "Downloads" tab to product pages and allows to attach a number of PDF files in a compact mode.


Hope it will be of help

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Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads



If you need to attach PDFs (or any other files) to product pages, you can try this extension for Magento 2 -



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Re: Make a list of PDF to downloads

Hi @deadblooms,


Check out this amazing Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension.